Things to Click 6/27/14

Astonishing Time Lapse of Hawaii’s Volcanoes

Photo credit U.S. Geological Survey
Photo credit U.S. Geological Survey

“This utterly stunning time-lapse video by photographer QT Luong will melt away your woes in an incredible three minutes of jaw dropping scenery that will remind you what an incredible world we live in”

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Octopus That Walks on Land


“It turns out this behavior is not as uncommon as one might expect. Captive octopuses escape with alarming frequency. While on the lam, they have been discovered in teapots and even on bookshelves.”

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Promising New Cancer Vaccine Developed

Photo courtesy of IFL Science

“A team of researchers at the National Center for Tumor Diseases have developed a promising new vaccine designed to target a specific mutated protein that is commonly found in certain types of brain cancer.”

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The Ocean Clean-up Project: 19-Year-old invents feasible solution to cleanup ocean garbage patches

“Human history is basically a list of things that couldn’t be done, and then were done.”

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Mind Over Matter: Paralyzed Man Moves Hand Using Power of Thought

“A young American paralyzed in a swimming accident has become the first patient to move his hand using the power of thought after doctors inserted a microchip into his brain.”

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Tequila, Booze & Bats

Photo courtesy of USFW
Photo courtesy of USFW

“Tequila is made from Agave tequilana, a spiky, squat, blueish plant. It grows best in semi-arid soils, making it a great cash crop for marginal lands in Mexico. Agaves are chiropterophilous; a fancy way of saying they’re bat-pollinated.”

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