Things to Click – 5/23

Whoa! Watch a Spectacular Supercell Take Form in Wyoming

On Sunday, storm chasers caught a supercell thunderstorm taking shape in Wyoming. It is absolutely spectacular — the stuff of science-fiction movies

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John Steinbeck’s 1966 Plea to Create a NASA for the Ocean


“Dear Ernie Heyn: I know enough about the sea to know how pitifully little we know about it. We have not, as a nation and a world, been alert to the absolute necessity of going back to the sea for our survival.”

Read the Full Article  |  Read the letter as it originally appeared in the September 1966 issue of Popular Science

Stunning, Psychedelic Images Where Art and Science Collide


“The most important quality of science or art is curiosity,” Oefner tells TED. “That’s what keeps me going and always finding something new.”

View his art on  |  Watch the TED talk

World’s Largest Dinosaur Discovered“Take the elephant, today’s largest land-bound animal. Then stack 14 of them on top of one another. Then — and only then — would it be possible to conceive of the size of this mega-dino.”

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Antarctic Rate of Ice Loss Double Previous Estimate


“For the third time this month there is bad news about ice melt in Antarctica. This time with consequences we will experience very soon..”

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Dogs Sniff Out Prostate Cancer with 98 Percent Accuracy


Researchers have discovered that our canine companions’ snouts may be more accurate than advanced laboratory procedures when it comes to detecting certain forms of cancer.

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Remembering, as an Extreme Sport

Extreme_MemorySandy Huffaker for the New York Times

“The last match of the tournament had all the elements of a classic showdown, pitting style versus stealth, quickness versus deliberation, and the world’s foremost card virtuoso against its premier numbers wizard.”

Watch the Video



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