“Without tears in the eyes, there would be no rainbow in the heart.”

photoMeeting Dr. Jane Goodall at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

I never imagined that my dreams would come true, meeting my hero during the 2013 Film Festival. After waiting patiently, I finally had the opportunity to tell you how I dressed up as you and embodied your character in 8th grade for a “Who’s your hero?” video project. Near the end of my story, blubbering in tears and absolutely moved by your peaceful presence, I knew why I had chosen you as my hero! Then when you recited a Native American proverb that I love, “Without tears in the eyes, there would be no rainbow in the soul,” my joyous tears flowed even more strongly. I want to thank you for this short moment with you – It was an incredible experience that I will remember until the end of time. I feel very fortunate that Tom Mangelsen captured this moment on film, now you and I are framed on my coffee table! 🙂 Happy 80th Birthday Jane – your peaceful heart is incredible.

With tremendous gratitude and eternal love,


On behalf of the entire team here at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Jane Goodall! We are continually inspired by your endless devotion to the common good, and genuine and passionate nature .

If you missed Dr. Jane’s Keynote talk at the Wildlife Film Festival this past fall, check it out here.



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