Our Favorite April Fools Pranks on the Web

This April Fools Day, we can’t help but notice the overwhelming number of clever.. and fake.. stories popping up on all of our News Feeds. Here’s a few of the favorites that we ran into. We hope you enjoy!


Teton County to charge ‘Subaru Tax’

“In an unannounced, private meeting, the Teton County Board of Commissioners decided to implement a $250 fee for anyone who owns any kind of Subaru branded vehicle in Teton County. “

Courtesy of: Teton Valley News 


BREAKING (Reuters): Critically-endangered Ballona Creek Crocoduck’s preference for lush, fertilized lawns prompts rethink of regional water conservation policy, experts say.

Courtesy of: Heal the Bay


Sharks added to Roger Williams Park Zoo

“Here at the Zoo, we strive to give you the best visitor experience possible! Which is why we’ve decided to add SHARKS to the Wetlands Trail.

Courtesy of: Roger Williams Park Zoo


Smithsonian Stunt Turns Ocean Hall into Living Aquarium

“The 150,000 gallon aquarium will feature more than 2,000 live species, many of which have model counterparts already on display in the hall.”

Courtesy of: Smithsonian



“The Swarp is a hybrid fish between an Arkansas Razorback Swine and a Common Carp. Could it be another invasive species swimming in our waters?”

Courtesy of: Nebraska Game & Parks

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.24.10 PM

Sony Power Foods

“Now, the same fuel we’ve used to power ourselves for thousands of years, can be used to power personal electronics.”

Courtesy of: Sony




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