Putting the cool back into school!

The Jackson Hole Middle School is putting the “cool back into school” this month as the summer program takes on a wildlife theme.With the help of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, students have been learning about natural history photography, how climate change is affecting our environment and issues facing local wildlife conservation.



The students got outdoors and got creative, photographing their local sites of natural beauty. They then had lessons in editing to get their photos picture perfect before entering them into the photo contest at the Teton County Fair. Go check them out the exhibit from now until the 28th July!

20130717_12022220130717_104709David Gonzales from Tree Fight took the school group up to the top of Rendezvous Mountain, where he explained the issues facing the alpine forest ecosystem due to climate change. The kids learned how to take 360° panoramic photos of the alpine forest areas above 8,000ft using a smart phone app. The photos are geo-tagged and directly uploaded via email to David’s monitoring site, where he aims to capture changes in the ecosystem over time.


They also had the opportunity to get involved in a lively debate about how to control the wolf population around Jackson Hole during a talk by wolf expert Mike Jimenez, from the Fish and Wildlife Service. Sterilization and relocation to another planet were just some of the suggestions!

We have had a great time getting involved with the summer school, we are looking forward to seeing some of the kids at our film workshops and screenings during the festival, and we hope they have taken away some of the conservation messages hidden amongst all the fun and games over the past few weeks.

So don’t forget to check out the photos at the fair, cotton candy in hand!



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