Take 3 – That’s a wrap!

Take 1 – Filmmaking 101 | Take 2 – Students Record and Edit 

When we arrived at Pinedale Elementary for the third and final week of the Pinedale Fine Arts Council Artists in Residency project, the students were thrilled to see us! They already had their laptops out and were editing away in iMovie. It was great to see them so enthused about the project. We taught them how to add title and closing slides, music, sound effects, and how to manipulate the volume.  They were so intrigued!

Pinedale students teamed up to help one another!
Pinedale students teamed up to help one another!
Leigh helps a Pinedale 3rd grader finish up her video!
Leigh helps a Pinedale 3rd grader finish up her video!

There was a wide variety of video styles. The boy’s movies had more action and loud, rocking music. While the girl’s movies leaned more towards symbolic poems and videos that paid attention to detail. There are so many wonderful videos that I wish I could put them all on here, but below are a some videos that represent the different styles and different grades from the Pinedale & Big Piney Elementary schools.

“Gravity Stuntman” by  Mitchell (Pinedale 5th grader) – He cleverly twists his video and poem into a story about gravity working against him.

“Gravity Man Jr.” by DJ (Pinedale 5th grader) – As Mitchell’s partner in crime, DJ produced a similar video.

Sometime Soon: A Poem of Looking” by McKenna (Pinedale 5th grader) – A very mature, philosophical poem about life.

The 3rd graders went above and beyond expectations and produced just as wonderful of videos as the 4th and 5th graders!

“Seeing the World Differently” by Alena (Pinedale 3rd grader) wrote a beautiful poem based off her photos making her video a seamless creative piece of art!

Lonely in a World of Snow” by Claire (Pinedale 3rd grader) – Claire used a scrapbook theme in her nature podcast!

Footprints” by John (Pinedale 4th grader) – John had an interesting point of view about footprints.

Leigh and I are strong believers in showing your film to others – no matter how big or small. At the end of each class in Pinedale, we were able to do a screening of everyone’s film and the students really enjoyed watching each other’s films. The point of filmmaking is sharing with others and we really hit that point home with the kids. I will be making DVDs for each class with their classmates films on them for each student to take home to share and have forever!

Pinedale 5th graders watch each others videos!
A few of the Pinedale 3rd graders who missed class came back later to finish and watch their videos!
A few of the Pinedale 3rd graders who missed class came back later to finish and watch their videos!

The next day we arrived at Big Piney Elementary who had just as much enthusiasm as the Pinedale students. We had less time and more students at Big Piney so we got the ball rolling fast. The students that recorded their videos on the school’s iPads used the iPads to edit as well, as I mentioned in the last blog post. The iPads did not have as much detailed editing tools as the laptops did, but since they were making simple, 30-second videos, the iPad was the perfect tool for this project!

Next year, we will be more prepared and ask each student to use an iPad to film and edit on. Big Piney has iPads for almost every grade! Mrs. Davies, one of the Big Piney 5th grade teachers, is going to show the kids’ films at the parent-teacher conferences and at a tech meeting. This project is great proof for how useful technology is in the classroom!

All the 5th graders thought a little harder about how they wanted their video to parallel to their poem, which was great. Also, many of them wrote about spring arriving soon, which is ironic because it felt like the middle of winter when they were filming!

“Spring is Coming” by Kayla (Big Piney 5th grader) – Kayla added some great effects and even some music!

Cool Cold Snow” by Kodie (Big Piney 5th grader) – Kodie dedicated his video to his parents, which was adorable. A few other students did this as well!

Ice and Snow” by Antonio (Big Piney 5th grader) – Antonio used an older camera so his video has a vintage feel. He also included other students in his video, which was a hit when we screened some of the students’ videos. Maybe next year, we will teach the students how to include their peers into their shots!

Sounds of Spring” by Billy (Big Piney 5th grader) – A poem about tetherball enhanced by rock music. Boys love their action films!

The Amazing Icicles” by Grace (Big Piney 5th grader) – And as you’ll see, Grace proves the girls are more prone to detail and rhymes!

I hope you enjoyed keeping up with the Pinedale Fine Arts Council Artists in Residency project.  Leigh and I had a blast working with these kids and we encourage them to keep on filming!

That’s a wrap!

Ellen Yeatman

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