Help us finish the documentary, One Day in Jackson Hole, in style!

On 12.12.12, over 700 people participated in an unprecedented crowd sourced filming event to document One Day in Jackson Hole

We’ve just launched our very first kickstarter campaign for our community, crowd-sourced documentary project and in just one month, our One Day in Jackson Hole Trailer and participant films have been loaded over 100,000 times in more than 125 countries — a powerful demonstration of how big an imprint a small community like ours can have on the world! We would like to raise this money to finish what we started in style.

So, we’re calling on YOU to help us complete this project, creating the ultimate crowd-sourced film documenting the many facets of a day in this unique place.

Your money will go to:

  • Hire the local post-production team to edit, color correct, title and complete the final documentary.
  • Commission the original score (local, of course).
  • Burn DVD’s of the One Day in Jackson Hole documentary for our participants.
  • Host a FREE community celebration and premiere on Earth Day (April 21) at the Center for the Arts!

WHAT inspired us

We were inspired to create a One Day time capsule of our community after One Day on Earth Director Kyle Ruddick spoke at our 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and TEDxJacksonHole events.

One Day on Earth was the first-ever simultaneous global event, filming in every country of the world on 10-10-10. The resulting theatrical documentary was so well received that he did it again on 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. The last two features are in post production and will be released on Earth Day 2013 and 2014.

Kyle and the One Day on Earth team have described the One Day in Jackson Holeproject as “You guys hit this out of the park! So lovely and exciting. Truly a case study of a successful local  event.”

WHEN and WHERE it will be screened 

We are excited to add One Day in Jackson Hole to the 2013 Earth Day lineup with a free community premiere and celebration at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts on Sunday, April 21.

WHY you should get involved

Please share our One Day in Jackson Hole trailer with your friends and encourage them to celebrate this incredible community effort and support its longevity.

With your support, we will create a documentary from the crowd-sourced, amazing footage we have received from the Jackson Hole community that we will share with the world on Earth Day. We look forward to seeing you there—and if you give $50, you will see your name in the end credits, as well!

Risks and challenges

There are more than 100 hours of film to view and edit in order to make One Day in Jackson Hole into a feature. To take such a large variety of content and create a comprehensive and flowing documentary will be a time-consuming and challenging task. With the help of a local editor, we will be able to greet this challenge with a solution.


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