The Natural History of the Jackson Hole Delegate, part II

View Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival Delegates Part in a full screen map
Today is the last day of the semi-annual migration of Jackson delegatos festivas.  I’ve spent a week studying their behavior while they were amassed at their favorite hunting grounds, Jackson Hole.  These strange creatures spend vast amounts of time staring at metal boxes on their laps.  When these creatures aren’t tapping on their boxes, they are in active communication with one another.  I tried my best to communicate with a number of them, and succeeded in gathering a small sample of data about their home range, their diet, and their animal preferences.  To sum up, they are from all over the world (except Antarctica), their dietary preferences favor desserts and cheese, and they really seem to like large cat-like carnivores.  To learn more, explore the graphics below.  You can make your own interactive maps and charts by going to and

It was a fabulous week!

Hannah Smith Walker




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