The Natural History of Jackson Festival Delegates Part 1

I’ve been gathering data on a remarkable species of mammal called Jackson delegatos festivas.  They are beginning their semi annual migration to one of their favorite hunting grounds right at this very moment.  In just a few days, hundreds of individuals will gather at the Teton National Park for just one week.  I’ve mapped out the home range of a subset of tagged individuals.

View Jackson Delegate Countries in a full screen interactive map

I only have limited data for 400 + creatures.  I am hoping to gather more detailed information. For example, what exact city, state/province they inhabit and a few of questions about their diet, gender, etc.  If you are or know of any Jackson delegatos festivas, please add this data to following spread sheet:

Then I will update the map at the end of the Festival Migration.  I hope to have another 400 individuals tagged. I will also be at the Festival in person reporting new observations every day. Please let me know if you have any unique information on this species.

Stay tuned…

Hannah Smith Walker


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