As Executive Producer of Telenova Productions, one of the founders of the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and an unofficial guru of new technology, Barry Clark helps decipher the science behind the art of 2d and 3D filmmaking. Check out his latest white papers and add to the discussion in this blog.

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3D for Nature Filmmakers

• The Path to 3D4Kp48

• High-Res Digital Motion Imaging

• Faster and Higher

• Cameras for Nature Filmmakers

3D Production and Post


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  1. Erratum Alert: my “Cameras for Nature Filmmakers” piece lists the Sony PMWF3L, the Arri Alexa, and the Red Epic-M as 4/3″ cameras. They are 1″ cameras and only the Panasonic AF100, among those in the cart, is a 4/3″ camera. A revision of this paper will be posted soon, I expect. In the meantime, go to see “Tree of Life” if you can. It is a great nature film.

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