WINNERS Announced for the 2011 International Forest Film Festival

Winning films will be showcased at the United Nations’ global launch of the International Year of Forests, on February 2 in conjunction with the High-Level Segment of the ninth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests. The Forum has universal membership, and is composed of all 192 Member States of the United Nations. The launch of Forests 2011 will be streamed live from UN Headquarters, and feature a program of high level speakers, including Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai and Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, as well as the premiere of Forest, a short film directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand as well as clips from the winning films of the International Forest Film Festival.

The International Forest Film Festival is a key part of the outreach efforts of Forests 2011is an initiative to provide compelling content to organizations and schools throughout the world to raise awareness on the importance of forests, their relationship with people and the planet we share, and consequently, to inspire a sense of personal responsibility/stewardship for a greener, more equitable, sustainable future.

Best of Festival

The Queen of Trees

Deeble & Stone Productions, NHK, Thirteen/WNET, BBC, Granada International, ZDF in association with Kenya Wildlife Service

This is My Forest: Awarded to the film that tells the most moving personal expression or story of the forest.

Conflict Tiger

Sasha Snow Film Production

Living Forests: Awarded to the film that most effectively showcases the rich diversity (including forest biodiversity) and complexity of the forest ecosystem.

Kingdom of the Forest

Parthenon Entertainment, Ltd.

Issues & Solutions: Awarded to the film that most effectively communicates solutions to environmental and sustainability issues facing forests and their inhabitants, including people.

Hope in a Changing Climate

Environmental Education Media Project (EEMP)


Forest Hero: Awarded to the film that most effectively celebrates the work of individuals or groups committed to forest research and sustainability.

Climbing Redwood Giants

National Geographic Television

360º All Things Forest: Awarded to the film that best communicates humanity’s social, cultural, economicor spiritual interconnectivity to forests.


Tawak Pictures


Shorts: Awarded to the best forest film of less than 15 minutes in length.

Nom Tew (Man of the Soil)

Deschamps Corporation


Special Jury Awards: Awarded for unique and effective communication through short-form PSAs.

Switch Today

Arjun Rihan

The Ancient Forests

Greenpeace UK

Awarded to recognize the inspiration and impact an individual can make on the world.

The Man Who Stopped the Desert

1080 Film & TV, Ltd.

Awarded to recognize an outstanding integration of the historical, biological and cultural elements of the Amazon Basin rainforest.

Amazon Alive: Jungle of the Mind

Light & Shadow, GmbH




One thought on “WINNERS Announced for the 2011 International Forest Film Festival

  1. We are a tree charity based in Oxford.We would be really keen to set up a viewing of the films from the IFFF (there is a considerable NGO / academic forestry related community in Oxford). Are there any plans to work with groups who want to show the films in their community? We have a great independent cinema in Oxford who I am sure would be supportive of such an event. Any info much welcomed. Thank you.

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