Panel Questions for the 2010 Symposium?

Speakers and Presenters List is now Online

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Symposium 2010 Opens at 8 am Tuesday, October 26

Panel Questions?

Do you have a question for any of the panels that you would like to submit in advance?  Send it to and it will be given to the moderator prior to the session. Here are the panels and speakers:

Content To Go: Personal Media

Games and apps can dramatically expand personal involvement and create ongoing and meaningful cloud-based interest communities. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Share lessons being learned from some of the early adaptors.

  • Gannon Kashiwa, DMNS (moderator)
  • Breck Kling, Avakards
  • Pegi Bryant, Tombolo Interactive
  • Natasha Leger, ITF Advisors


Scientific Discovery in 3D (Ricketson Theater)

From the recent expedition to map the Titanic Wreckage to the Mars explorations, high 3D imaging has yielded invaluable scientific data from hostile environments. Join JPL/NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on their fantastic expeditions for scientific discovery.

  • Eric De Jong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Bill Lange, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


The Aesthetics of 3D Storytelling

The only thing that can kill 3D is bad 3D! Effective storytelling in this immersive new realm is far more complicated than it seems. Raising the bar from good to great, this session is a discussion of the fundamental principles of stereographic imaging and the impact of aesthetic decisions on effective 3D image making and storytelling.

  • Barry Clark, Mandalay Media Arts  (moderator)
  • Victoria Stone, Deeble & Stone
  • Jonathan Barker, SK Productions
  • Rick Gordon, RPG Productions


Innovative Media in Exhibits (Ricketson Theater)

An overview of some of the creative new ways media is being incorporated into the framework of public and cultural institutions with the industry’s brightest and most innovative designers

  • Laura Orthwein, Feodor Pitcairn Productions (moderator)
  • Nina Simon, Museum 2.0
  • Greg Sprick, Jeff Kennedy Associates
  • Jim Spadaccini, Ideum


Granting Wishes: Show Me the Money!

Finding project funding can be a brutal and painstaking process. This session is an overview designed to help you learn how to ferret out untapped potential resources – from state and federal agencies to private foundations, with insight from those with proven track records for success.

  • Mari Carswell, M Carswell Consulting (moderator)
  • Susan Eriksen-Meier, Susan Eriksen-Meier Consulting
  • Valentine Kass, National Science Foundation
  • Jill Viehweg, Denver Museum of Nature & Science


CASE STUDY: Science Storms Exhibit

  • Dr. Olivia Castellini, Museum of Science & Industry Chicago
  • Shari Berman, Evidence Design
  • Jim Cortina, Cortina Productions
  • James Patton, MIT Media Labs


So, you want to Produce for fulldome…

A general introduction to fulldome production for the first-time fulldome producer. Topics to be covered by industry veterans include current industry trends, production and workflow pathways, CG and fisheye imagery.

  • Paul Fraser, Blaze Digital Cinema Works (moderator)
  • Donna Cox, National Center for Supercomputing Technologies
  • Jini Durr, Days End Pictures
  • Annette Sotheran-Barnette, Sky-Skan, Inc.


Fulldome Best Practices A session examining how to make the most of this immersive audio system/acoustic environment, with a specific focus on the production challenges in creating effective programming for the range of dome sizes, tilts, seating orientation and resolution.

  • Paul Fraser, Blaze Digital Cinema Works (moderator)
  • Robin Sip, Mirage 3D
  • Matt Mascheri, Dome 3D
  • Robert Patterson, National Center for Supercomputing Technologies


Bringing Science to Life:

Framing Science Communication and Engagement Sponsored by Coalition of Public Understanding of Science (COPUS)

As modes of social engagement and communication have diversified, so have the mechanisms for communicating science. From citizen science to science festivals to media making, getting the word out and getting people engaged in science has many new facets.

  • Sue Ellen McCann, Executive Producer KQED/Quest (moderator)
  • Dr. Jim Trefil, Physicist & Author
  • Darlene Cavalier, Citizens for Science
  • Roger Harris, Triangle Science Festival


Case Study: NOVA – Making Stuff

  • Paula Apsell, NOVA/WGBH-TV
  • Melanie Wallace, NOVA/WGBH-TV
  • Rachel Connolly, NOVA/WGBH-TV


Live Action for Fulldome

Live action shooting for the fulldome medium presents special challenges. This session examines a variety of techniques and philosphies used to capture people and action for the 360 hemisphere.

  • Mike Bruno, Spitz, Inc. (moderator)
  • Harald Singer, LivinGlobe
  • Robin Sip, Mirage 3D
  • Brad Thompson, Spitz, Inc
  • Tom Lucas, Thomas Lucas Productions


Science on a Sphere Basics From the technical to the aesthetic, this session is an overview of Science on a Sphere, NOAA’s 6-foot diameter spherical display system that uses computers and multiple projectors to display planetary images and data. You’ll learn how it works, how to get it funded and the future of imaging and production for this exciting display format.

  • Beth Russell, NOAA
  • Michael Starobin, 1AU Global Media
  • Matt Benjamin, Fiske Planetarium


3D: The Market 3D digital cinema has brought new life to a declining traditional commercial theater business model. With museums and other public institutions installing 3D theaters, the rollout of consumer HD3D television, a host of 3D channels and the launch of Blu-Ray 3D delivery, the need for new programming has never been greater. A frank discussion on where we are, where we seem to be heading and what might be standing in the way.

  • Janine Baker, nWave
  • Tim Pastore, 3D Net (Discovery/Sony/Imax)
  • Mark Katz, National Geographic Entertainment
  • Hans W. Pausch, Context.TV


Web.TV Interactive Media

Creating dynamic media that can be applied across delivery platforms makes good sense, but it takes extra planning. This session examines the process of managing the creative, production and delivery requirements for transplatform media use, from broadcast or exhibit display to streamed distribution and dynamic interactivity.

  • Jason Winkler, Arete Media (moderator)
  • Sue Ellen McCann, KQED/Quest
  • Russell Sparkman, FusionSpark Media
  • Neil Nightingale, BBC


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