Festival Experience

What a festival!  So much fun, so many events, so little time in the end.  I had hoped to blog everyday of the festival, but who can blog when there’s so much to do!?  On top of all the wonderful goings on’s and parties, I helped lead 4 workshops and 1 seminar on new media. The seminar was the first public presentation I made since my freshman year of college (1997).  So I was a little nervous, and I am pretty sure my voice quavered a bit, but I think I managed to convey the meat of my message.  I encouraged the audience to think about combining their wonderful content with educational games with pro-social missions.  I pointed out examples related to and some not necessarily related to wildlife filmmaking, but examples of games and websites that wildlife filmmakers could glean from like www.freerice.com, www.kerpoof.com, iPhone’s Spider Game, and National Geographic’s Wildlife Filmmaker.  I think we can reach and motivate a whole new audience if we figure out how to make science-based games that kids want to play, that are built around a platform of environmental causes that kids choose to donate their game winnings.  For example, if they are playing a game about whales, have them earn krill points, and these krill points in the end are donated to the Save Our Seas Foundation. In reality the krill points are actually ad revenue dollars based on the green banner ads that pop up while kids are playing the games.  For more on wildlife filmmaking, education, new media, and games, visit my blog at http://podclasstv.blogspot.com/

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