New keynote event on Friday

Richard Leakey has become ill and will not be coming to Jackson. Our Friday night reception and keynote event will focus on the important and proactive work that his organization, WildlifeDirect, as well as other key conservation leaders are accomplishing at this critical juncture. Featuring many of the participants associated with the United Nations Forums presented during the Festival on Thursday and Friday, we will focus on several individuals and organizations that are truly making a difference, with critical insights from some who have taken global citizenship to heart, making a huge impact through public/private partnerships.

Beverly and Dereck Joubert, have used their personal resources and celebrity as filmmakers and writers to establish Great Plains, which has been acquiring vast tracts of critical habitat in Africa, the Seychelles and India. Their field operations work with local communities to develop sustainable, low impact ecotourism to create flagship, “gold standard” conservation programs in areas that have often been considered lost causes, hoping that the success of their projects will be emulated in other programs around the world.

Kris Tompkins, Founder and President of Conservación Patagonica and former CEO of the Patagonia clothing company for over twenty years, has for more than a decade lived in Chile and Argentina, working full-time on conservation projects. She is also a board member of the Conservation Land Trust, through which she and her spouse, Doug Tompkins have preserved more than two million acres and helped create multiple new national parks in Chile and Argentina. 

Also featured in the evening keynote will be Dr. Sanjayan is the Lead Scientist for The Nature Conservancy.  His work, which has been covered by all major networks, focuses on the stories of interdependence between humans and nature.  

Also featured will be Jan McAlpine, Director of the United Nations Division on Forests and head of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) Secretariat, based at UN Headquarters in New York.


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