Coal Country – 2009 Finalist for Best Conservation Program

COAL COUNTRY is a dramatic look at modern coal mining. The story is told by the people directly involved, both working miners and activists who are battling the coal companies in Appalachia. Tensions are high. It’s ‘a new civil war’, as families and communities are deeply split over ‘mountaintop removal’ mining, or MTR. The tops of mountains are blasted, exposing seams of coal, while debris is pushed into valleys and streams. Residents endure health problems, dirty water in their wells, dust and grime on their floors. The miners are frightened that without coal, they’ll lose their jobs and won’t be able to feed their families. They claim they are acting within the law. What does this mean for America and the rest of the world? The coal industry is spending millions to promote what they call ‘clean coal’. We need to understand what this means. Is it achievable? At what cost?


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