Classroom and Indoor Composting Program Now Underway

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival received a grant from 1% for the Tetons to initiate a collaborative two-year education pilot program that will take electric indoor compositing units into classrooms for hand-on learning.   JHWFF will collaborate with Jackson Community Recycling, Terra Firma OrganicsLunchbox Lessons and the Teton County School District. 


NatureMill Compost Diagram
NatureMill Compost Diagram

The expressed goals of this program are:

1)   Familiarize teachers and students with the fundamentals of compositing.

2)   Provide students with the opportunity to take responsibility for the food waste they, and their peers, generate in a proactive, fun-learning environment.

3)   Create a framework for schools to have fully supported initial exposure to indoor classroom compositing while developing grade-appropriate lesson plans with their participation, for broader implementation in the subsequent year. 

4)   Increase the number of community residents who compost food waste by introducing and marketing indoor compositing units to the public.

5)   Document the projects through digital media, teaching technical skills to students while creating a useful tool for sharing their experience.

 JHWFF will initiate and coordinate all elements of this project in close partnership with Teton County School District teachers and administration, as well as lead the digital media instruction and filmmaking components.  Our mission, like in the Nature of Learning program, is to continue engaging kids towards appreciating their environment and respecting nature through media and hands on activities. 

 Students will be responsible for collecting the lunchroom food waste for composting, and will learn about composting, soil composition, and local efforts to improve Teton County’s waste management through composition and recycling.  JHWFF will work with students to document the project through digital photography and video, creating a short documentary to be streamed on the festival website. 

 As identified by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, one of the essential requirements of this community is “increased need for resource coordination to effectively enhance educational outcomes.”  By collaborating with multiple community organizations to create this program, the JHWFF is addressing this need.


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