Film entries for 2009 have hit a record high

The rate at which film submissions have been entering the festival is 30% higher compared to the 2007 festival.  One reason may be that filmmakers can now choose from a list of 22 categories, some of which are new to this year’s festival.  Some of the new categories are the Best Wildlife Habitat Program, Outstanding Achievement, Best 360 Campaign and Best Use of Web 2.0/New Media.  As of June 1, these categories contributed to 97 film entries.  

According to an article from AdAge, other prestigious film festivals such as France’s Cannes Film Festival and Spain’s El Sol Festival, have been experiencing up to a 20% decline in entries.  AdAge points out that it is the traditional media categories are taking the biggest hits, and, although interactive media declined as well, the newer categories had a higher submission’s rate.

“We’ve seen a really big increase of entries from independent and emerging filmmakers.” said Lisa Samford, executive director of the JHWFF. “This is really exciting because it shows how more people are jumping into the field at a time when the world really needs it.”

“It is essential to communicate the importance of environmental issues when there is still a window of opportunity to make a difference,” said Lisa.


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